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Indigo Sun
Sandra Ajhar
Wonderful designs

This is one of several towels I’ve purchased from Slowtide and each one is beautiful, unique and highly functional. I am slowly replacing all my boring towels with these beautiful designs!

Haven Pocket
Will Rodriguez
Very clean

This is dope as fuck

Great blanket!

Awesome blanket, paying tribute to an awesome band

Cute after swim robe

Colorful, fun and great quality after swim robe!

So luxurious!

These towels are so soft and large! I feel like I’m at a hotel at home, love them.

Hayden Changing Poncho - S/M
Thomas Van Arsdale

Awesome product!!! Love it:).

Love the vibrant print and nice thick towel cover.

Great cover up for finishing an ocean swim or pool. Vibrant and fun!

Great for travel

Great towel. I purchased ahead of a month long Hawaii trip and it performed exceptional well. Dried me off quickly, gave me the ability to change into dry clothes anywhere, and didn’t need to be washed everyday caused it dried so quickly (I would just spread it out over a chair when I got to my hotel room).

Love this poncho towel and would highly recommend.

Eat poncho ever!!

It did you dry really quick, it dries even faster, and it keeps you warm.

Yellow Submarine
Ivey Burton
Great towel!

Such a great towel. It’s soft, absorbent and light with whimsical, quality graphics. I love these musical collaboration towels! Keep them coming, Slow Tide!

I wear this everyday

All day because it's amazing

soft, pretty blue towels

These towels are a very beautiful blue. My family really likes how soft they are. They also wash and dry well.

Family Favourite

All 3 of our kids LOVE their ponchos and use them all the time! They’re so awesome!

Grateful Shred - Black
I came for The Grateful Dead…

And after purchasing at least five Dead towels and one blanket, I stayed for the bundled sets and beautiful Moffit and Love towels and face masks too!

I’m so thankful for beautiful huge cozy towels as I’ve never understood why people use those half the size “body/shower towels”

From the first set of towels I purchased years ago, I always buy beach towels for my baths and showers. These are so beautiful and unique, and I even had to buy the one that’s on the Grateful Dead’s Stealie towels that aren’t posted here. I need more bathrooms because I’ve gone slightly towel crazy and now have recycled my old towels and moved in the now about dozen of towels from Slowtide!
Seriously, it’s like I’ve stopped following Jerry and started buying towels and blankets to wrap myself up with the boys.

Thanks Slowtide for all your environmental efforts and programs you support!

So comfortable!

Love this blanket and how soft/warm it is. Definitely worth the purchase!

Generous in width and length

I’m happy to say that this is truly a generous XXL including the neck-opening and location of the pockets. Thank you slowtide for making size inclusivity a priority. Now if only there were other colours in XXL!

Good quality stuff

Amazing product with high quality end and material. recommended

So soft!

Love these. They are so soft and look so good.


Absolutely love these towels. The quality is incredible and they are very soft. Love how light they are and they dry quickly. Will be purchasing more!!

Very happy with overall quality, wish color was a little more vibrant.

Overall these towels are fantastic quality and I would recommend purchasing. That being said, I did end up exchanging these for the Stone color because I was hoping the mustard would be a little more vibrant and I thought the color was duller than the picture when received. I will likely purchase more in the Stone color to add on to my 4-pack!

Natalie Collins

I got this one for my husband after he kept trying to steal mine. These towels are so incredibly versatile. They are our official trip towels. We use them to cover the leather seats in our car so our legs don’t stick or get burned in the summer sun. We use them at the pool, the hot springs, and at the river. I’ve used it as my blanket as we camp in a thousand degree weather. I take these towels on every trip. They are a must have!

Indigo Sun Changing Poncho - S/M
Jacqueline M Lettieri
Perfect for after an ocean swim!

The poncho is nice to put on after a long ocean swim. It’s perfect to wear over my swimsuit home, but I can easily get out of my wet swimsuit and change into dry clothes under it too! It’s a poncho towel that feels great to put on after any of my swims, ocean or pool!

Allyn Campbell

They are the absolute best towels for the money. Great quality⭐️

We bought 4 ponchos for the family and they are all awesome. Absorbent, warm, easy. Just what we wanted. Thank you!

Very lightweight and absorbent towels... deep black color is excellent.

I've really wanted waffle towels for a while and decided to take the plunge with Slowtide since we've purchased their beach towels and have been totally satisfied. These are nice towels, attractive and lightweight. They also dry very quickly.

I gave this purchase three stars for two main reasons:

1. Because of the loose weave, the towels easily snag, causing threads to dangle. We've only used these towels for one week so I don't know if the situation will improve or worsen... time will tell.

2. The towels were washed once before our family started using them; we noticed when toweling off that small bits of black cotton are adhering to our skin. Conventional cotton towels do not do this.

Aesthetically, the towels are very pleasing. Functionally, they do an excellent job.