In May of 2011 Kahana Kalama and Billy Wickens founded the Aloha Sunday Supply Co., a clothing and retail concept offering an assortment of contemporary designers and products that embody their commitment to excellent living and ethical manufacturing.

 Kalama partnered with designer Julie DeAnda to develop the Aloha Sunday clothing brand, starting with capsule collections exclusively for the store and eventually launching a wholesale collection of contemporary menswear designed around the concept of dressing for occasion.

 The store outgrew its original 800 square foot location and moved its Flagship to a 2,400 square foot location in the heart of North Park San Diego. In February of 2015 Kalama went on to open a second location in his hometown of Kailua, Oahu.

 It was always one of Kahana’s dreams to be able to spend more time on both sides of the Pacific… to form a bridge of sorts connecting the roots of the brand and his continuous source of inspiration to his newfound home in California and friends throughout the rest of the world.

 On July 1, 2015 Kahana and Billy launched the stores under a new concept to further align with the their initial intent… The Aloha Beach Club is a rededication to the supportive and inspiring community that has made the stores what they are today. The duo are no longer associated with Aloha Sunday and will be shifting their design and development efforts to the creation of a new line of made in Hawaii clothing and lifestyle accessories under the Aloha Beach Club.

 Swing by and check out their collection of Slowtide towels and other rad apparel, accessories and home goods.