We got to sit down with our co-founders Kyle Spencer, Wylie Von Tempsky and Dario Phillips to reflect on the last 7 years of Slowtide. It's been a wild ride and is amazing to see both the growth as a brand and also as a team. We've added more people to the team over the years + we can't wait to see what the next seven years and beyond bring. Read through our Q+A below to take a deeper look at the brand through the eyes of our very own founders. 



Bring us back to 2015, how was launching your first run of Slowtide?

“Not too dissimilar to the feeling you get when you throw a great party. You put in all this hard work into preparing for it, you tell all your friends about it, you make sure the place is looking dialed, then you just get after it. Your friends and fam are always the first to show up, but next thing you know… there’s are just as many new faces in the place as there are old ones! Just like that, you’ve got a brand! ha”  - Wylie Von Tempsky


Where was your first photoshoot?

“It was at a pool in Malibu at one of Dario’s friends' parents houses. We took all 8 of our first samples and took our first swing at learning how to style a towel and taking a good photo of one.”  

- Wylie Von Tempsky


Over the years what are some key lessons that you feel like you have picked up + that would be great advice for those wanting to dive into starting their own business?

“I think the 3 of us can all agree that it really comes down to just going for it! You’re rarely going to make something perfect from the start, so you just have to start. Do your research, ask alot of questions along the way and always look for ways to refine your process and make things better each time.” 

- Wylie Von Tempsky


In terms of prints / storytelling / deciding on collaborations, what are some ways you continue to stay inspired over the years?

“Staying active in our community, our own personal interests, and tuning in to the ever-evolving world of art and personal expression is probably the base standard for how we choose to do what we do. In other words, it's more or less an extension of who we are as individuals, a team, and furthermore a larger body of like-minded people.” 

- Wylie Von Tempsky


You guys have thrown some epic events, what are some favorites or a favorite memory from one? 

“Our art shows are always a highlight. Pacific City 2019 Creative Canvas Event was a banger. Our Ride or Dye Events on the North Shore, O’ahu are always a fun way to interact with the community and give them an opportunity to create with us.” 

- Wylie Von Tempsky

What was an ‘ah-ha’ moment as a team? 

“I think we’re constantly having ‘ah-ha’ moments as a team. We’re constantly gaining greater understanding of what we do, why you do it, and who you do it for. I love it when we’ve found a way to make things better or in a more sustainable way.”   

- Wylie Von Tempsky

Since beginning in 2015, how much has the team grown? 

“There are 16 of us now and counting” 

- Wylie Von Tempsky

Looking ahead, where do you guys see Slowtide, and what is coming down the pipeline that you are excited for… if you can share? 

“Without letting any cats out of the bag, we’re always on a path towards furthering our product evolution and greater category expansion when it’s servicing a need from our consumer. We feel strongly about maintaining our presence in the action & outdoor space, as we continue to grow our presence in the home & comfort space.” 

- Wylie Von Tempsky


October 20, 2022