With staying in being the new going out we wanted to give some tips + tricks for how to make a night in one that is both still relaxing and also fun. There is something really special about opening up your home to a significant other, family, or a crew of friends that keeps you a deep sense of grounded gratitude for your space. Dive into hosting & bring date night in this season with this helpful checklist. 

Plan ahead:

Hosting without much preparation can be daunting or overwhelming for most, so to lighten the load, plan ahead. Finding a date on your calendar where you aren’t going from thing to thing is a must & blocking out that date is a good practice in saying no to to other plans as well as will give you something to look forward too.

Make time to clean: 

This will make you feel comfortable & also proud to show up and serve in your space. Starting with a fresh clean slate in the kitchen or living room, will have you feeling free & peaceful. Don’t save this till the day of. Keep your checklist for the date night easy & maybe take this one on the night or day before. 

Create a menu: 

This one we think is very fun & we turn to our ‘chef’ friends for inspiration. No need to over spend too -- decide on your budget and stick to it. We love though that this gives the night a ‘wine & dine’ feel while staying at home. We’ve been inspired by our friend Andrea, who has amazing recipes for the plant-based lovers in our lives, like her vegan Caesar Salad Recipe, or Teighan from Half Baked Harvest, who’s Pesto Pasta Bolognese. with plenty of parmesan and a side of crusty bread  is incredible. Find your favorite main dish + build around that for a simple appetizer, drink pairing and a dessert. 

Have a deck of cards: 

Ending the night with a game is the perfect way to stay present with your guest or guests. We love a good game of cards to keep the conversations going, and the phones away. Intentionally having an activity could maybe feel funny but it also can bring out the fun in others personalities and help create memories of the night. Also, a good game of cards pairs incredibly well with a glass of Pinot Noir…  

February 10, 2022