Artist and surfer, Hanna Scott is an inspiration in many ways.  She expresses herself gracefully through all of her many passions and always says yes to new adventures.  We asked Hanna a few questions to find out what Inspires her here. 
When did you start surfing? 
I started surfing in high school.  I tried it for the first time when I was around 10 years old,  but I wasn’t really able to surf more frequently until I had some older friends that were driving and we’d go out to Sombrio and JR occasionally.
What or who inspired you to start surfing? 
I think it was just the absolutely amazing feeling of riding a wave that made me get into it.  I had grown up in and around the ocean, always fishing and on boats and swimming,  but nobody in my family surfed.  So once I finally tried it,  I think because of already loving the ocean so much, this feeling of being pushed by a wave just made so much sense to me and loved it so much and was instantly obsessed with it.
Any advice for aspiring surfers?
If you are just getting into surfing,  I would say riding a bigger board in the beginning is incredibly helpful. Catch more waves, have more fun = get better at surfing.  I was terrifically stubborn when I was little and only wanted to ride little boards.  I think starting on bigger boards allows you to really learn how to find trim and ride a wave how it wants to be ridden and not just thrash and ride it how you want to ride it. 
What was your favorite part about our last Slowtide trip? 
I just love being out in wild places. I love the feeling of just really being where you are, and noticing small little details like a piece of seaweed in the shape of your auntie’s dog, and not even knowing where your phone is. Also — the one right we were surfing and trying to scratch into the ledgy ones and watching Ralph get a crazy drainer from the beach ! 
What is a change you've made in your life that has made the most impact on you or the people around you?
this is a really hard question….! A small change was sleeping with the phone outside of the bedroom. I find it’s not surprisingly crucial to me just waking up and rolling around, having your thoughts be whatever they are as you come back to earth and not be steered in certain directions by what you are seeing on the screen as you wake up. A slightly bigger change was admitting that I don’t want to compete anymore and really diving into working on video parts and exploring how and what I really wanted to surf. 
When you're not surfing, what are you up to? 
When I’m not surfing, I am usually writing, playing music, recording songs, and I am trying to remember to stretch and drink water. 
What is your dream trip? 
My dream trip is to go to Chile and have the sand be good on the points and get some little barrels with friends ! 
Do you have a favorite product?
My favorite products are the bathrobes and the Turkish towels!
May 22, 2022