Brent Bielmann Pipe Wave
Born and raised in the North Shore, professional photographer Brent Bielmann fell in love with the ocean at a very young age. Using his passion for the ocean as a driving force behind his creativity,  Brent has produced some incredible imagery. This season, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Brent to create Pipe, a limited edition Quick-Dry towel. Seen above, our 100% sustainable towel features this beautiful photo Brent captured of the infamous surf reef break during a great afternoon. In celebration of our collaboration, we chatted with Bielmann about his definition of paradise. Hint: It's the Pipeline.
Camera used: Canon 1DX Mark II
"To me, Pipeline is my paradise. It has given me my career and is where I am most content. I have spent countless hours out there swimming around. I have had the most memorable moments of my life there and have also had the worst beating of my life there. I grew up just a stones throw away from there and hope to spend the rest of my days on that stretch of beach."
Pipeline Slab first reef by Brent Bielmann
BB: Early morning moonset as one of the first surfers paddles out to Pipeline.
Early Morning Pipeline Wave Photo by Brent Bielmann
BB: A perfect peak during one of the Dahui backdoor shootout contests.
an empty wave during the golden hour at pipeline by brent bielmann
BB: An empty wave during the golden hour. I just loved the shape of how the lip though out on this wave. 
pipeline slab on the first reef by brent bielmann
BB: Pipeline slab on the first reef.
Bruce Irons at Pipeline by Brent Bielmann
BB: Bruce Irons standing tall on a wave he opted to kick out of. To me, there's something about this image that just stops time in its tracks. I love the feeling of this moment. 
Guilherme Tamega frozen in time in a massive pipeline backlash by Brent Bielmann
BB: Probably the most famous image I’ve had the pleasure of capturing at Pipeline. Guilherme Tamega frozen in time in a massive Pipeline backlash. 
Our collaborative towel with Brent is out now! To keep up with Brent, be sure to follow him on Instagram. You can also check out his website for more of his work!