Ocean Waves

Based in Southern California, Josh Cunliffe is a British editorial and documentary photographer. His work often explores the relationship between people and place with a goal to help his subjects feel seen. When he's not taking photos, he's spending time with his wife and daughter, skating or surfing. Josh is passionate about his family, right-hand point breaks and friendly animals (like his Bernese Mountain dog and Maine Coon cat). We recently caught up with Josh to find out where he has found paradise.

"A few months after finding out my wife and I were pregnant, we took a trip from home in San Clemente up to Santa Barbara for a quick getaway. Well-spent time together became incredibly valuable as we counted down the days and weeks before our daughter made us more than two.  As we delighted in the sounds of lapping waves on the hull, the quiet vastness of the ocean and the dancing orange light on the sunset washed water, this particular little sail felt as close to paradise as anywhere else we’d ever been."

Camera used: Nikon D810
Shadow of human on boat
Bird flying in the sky
Hanging out on a boat
Boat in motion
Smiling women on boat
boat overlooking the water
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