"Kris Evans is a talented photographer that I met skateboarding in Long Beach back in 2017. He is a man of many talents but most notably his photos which feature a wide range of subjects and locations. Take a look below on his definition of Paradise."
- Dario Phillips, Slowtide Co-Founder
"For me, paradise is found when I can get away from the city and enjoy time with close friends. Over the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed spending time in Joshua Tree, CA.  There's something really calming about being in the desert. It’s extremely quiet and it gives me the opportunity to explore these amazing structures and sightsee without the distractions of city noise and cell phones. It also gives me the opportunity to sit around a campfire and have genuine, meaningful conversations with good friends. Those are moments I will always remember and I feel very fortunate to have a place like Joshua Tree so close to home."
Camera used: Pentax 645n