Dirt bikingTyler Ravelle is a Whistler-based photographer with a huge love for the outdoors and it shows in his captivating images. He also happens to be a very talented snowboarder and spends a ton of time exploring BC on this motorcycle. We recently caught up with Tyler to find out where he has found paradise.
"An interesting thing happened to me this week, when I got back from my recent mtb/moto trip I started thinking of my idea of paradise. Is it Europe?  Living in a Van surfing along the coast of Portugal. Is it Japan? Choking on the deepest snow on Earth, surrounded by volcanoes and hot springs. Is it Central America? Driving around on sketchy roads looking for empty surf breaks. As I searched through my photo galleries from years past, it dawned on me that paradise isn't necessarily a place. Paradise to me is somewhere where I'm with my close friends. Doing something we love. 
For this version of paradise, I am with my good friend Mason Mashon. Mase and I have got to experience some of the most amazings things in this life. Sleeping in his TeePee on top of mountains, surfing warm California waters, riding motorcycles in abandoned towns,  road tripping to far off places and so much more. Each of these places, with my close friend, is paradise to me. I can't just say one location. That would do the others an injustice."
Motocross bike
"Anywhere with Mase is paradise because it's usually somewhere off the beaten path. You see, we both have something in common. We love to use motors to help assist us on our adventures. Be it snowmobiles, dirt bikes or good old fashioned trucks. The idea of these tools is to get a little further than the average human. And boy do they ever do that. My paradise is found weekly, in untouched pow, fresh trails and lush forests with my buddy Mase."
riding motorcycles by a lake
All photos were taken on a Canon R5. Tyler's favorite lenses are his 16-35 and 600mm. To stay up to date with Tyler's adventures, be sure to follow his instagram and check out his website.