Canadian-born photographer, Zak Bush, developed his interest in photography after an injury kept him out of the water for several months. In desperate need of a preoccupation, Zak borrowed a camera and began framing the setting around him. Now residing in Los Angeles, Zak continues to capture the texture and feel of his surrounding environment, whether in bustling LA, a nearby beachside town, or a faraway destination.
Join Zak's journey searching for Paradise in Nicaragua.
"For the past few years, my closest friends have been making an annual trip to the same beach in Nicaragua. It began as a simple way to escape the beginning of winter from New York. Eventually, after moving to LA, the trip became a yearly reunion where we could forget about reality, and catch up at a familiar tropical destination with a perfect wedging beach break. 
Unfortunately, at the moment, paradise lost may be a more appropriate title for this beautiful beach in Northern Nicaragua. Since April, the country's president Daniel Ortega and his government have been blatantly disregarding human rights. After protests arose due to government cuts to social security, his military reacted violently resulting in approximately 322 deaths over the last 5 months. 
As these protests continue, my thoughts go out to the people of Nicaragua who have been so hospitable every time I've been fortunate enough to visit their country. The locals have always been such generous hosts, excited to share their culture and gracious in the line-up. Hopefully, in the near future, their home can once again be paradise found."
This was always the view you wanted when walking down to the beach for dawn patrol.
Mikey two peaks over findings some shade.
Local kids playing soccer an evening game of soccer. 
The inside of the Boom.
Almost every day, up and down the Nicaraguan coast, peaks like this peel along the shore. 
The beautifully constructed cobble road to Leon.
Squad at dawn waiting for the tide to fill in.
 Setting up camp for the day.
My guess is that this peak has no one on it at the moment. 
One of Nicaragua's most valuable resources. 
October 03, 2018