Alana Spencer is a naturally gifted photographer from the North Shore of Oahu with several ties to Slowtide.  Alana is married to our Co-founder Kyle, best friend to our favorite surfer Sage Erickson, and sister to one of our ambassadors and the ever so talented skater, Evan Mock.  We love following her as she documents her travels around the world.
Join Alana's journey through her idea of Paradise in Tahiti.
"Paradise to me is anywhere I can see coconut trees. After the North Shore of Oahu where I grew up, Tahiti has been my favorite place to photograph so far.  Palm trees sway freely, grow wildly, and are utilized in endless ways by the Tahitian people. They remind me of home; living life in a bikini, warm water, and being surrounded by good people.  These images are scenes from the main island of Tahiti, some of them only reachable by boat. No roads, just small oceanfront shacks, air drying lines of laundry, and an occasional waterfall in the backyard."
Camera used: 5D Mark IV
Every house had the most beautiful patina. Paint worn from years exposed to the elements, salt air, sun, and rain.
No dock needed
One of the many seemingly abandoned residences past Teahupo'o, only accessible by boat.
Clotheslines are like 'Where's Wally' to me; I look for them everywhere I travel.
More coconut palms than I could dream of, a far point somewhere in Tahiti.
I grew up in Hawaii where most of our coconut trees are trimmed regularly. Not the case in Tahiti, wild and free baby.
The view out my screen window. The property we stayed on had fresh apple bananas and coconuts for us every morning.
An abandoned shack, somewhere past Teahupo'o.
If I lived in Tahiti I'd definitely have one of these to anchor in a channel and hop off for a surf.
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