My name is Erin Barrett and I am the owner and creator of Sunwoven. I create handwoven wall hangings and textiles from my home studio in Charleston, SC. My husband's name is Creighton Barrett. He is the drummer for Band Of Horses, and he is also an artist- creating wood cut-out works from his home studio as well. 
We have two children ages 11 & 7, 4 dogs, 2 bearded dragons, 1 cat, and 1 turtle!
We have lived in Charleston, SC for about 16 years. We have lived in our current home for almost 8 years. When we first saw this house, we immediately knew it was the home for us. Specifically, we were looking for a family home that also had spaces where we could both work from, as well as entertain friends and family. The home is a ranch-style layout with 4 bedrooms and two studio/work spaces. We loved the large living area that has a sunken living of sorts that we both adored. We started renovating in 2015 and were aiming for a kind of "California meets Charleston" vibe for the space and have been continuing to update rooms and areas as we live here.
We like to view our home as sort of a creative factory. Being that we both live and create in this space, it was important that it felt bright, inspiring, and welcoming. Color was one of the most important aspects when we were designing the spaces. We strived to keep it cohesive from room to room while making sure that each space was ultimately designed with its purpose in mind. I feel that our home is a wonderful interpretation of who we are as a family unit, and who are as artists and creatives.
Music is a big part of our day-to-day life with our children and also with each other. As soon as the kids are at school, we are back home in our respective work spaces creating and working for most of the day. Once they are home from school, it's back to homework, dinner, and family chill time. 
For inspiration when designing our home, we looked through a lot of deisgn books, a favorite being Surf Shacks by Indoek. We were striving for a laid back, open concept look and feel for our home, but wanted to stay true to who we are and what speaks to us personally. Our favorite part of our home is the layout and the light. A lot of natural light comes in through the windows in the great room and its so inspiring and beautiful throughout the day as it changes.
Both indoor and outdoor plants are essential (to me mostly) in our home and I could not live without them! I love the energy and beauty that living plants bring to a home.
Our house has become our santuary. I can safely say that it is where we all feel like our truest and best selves. At this point, the home feels more like an extension of us as a family instead of just a place where we live. It feels as if it is alive and evolving with us day after day and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. 
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