JUJU is a non-profit organization dedicated to highlighting and supporting surf sites and initiatives in Africa. Founded by professional surfer Mikey February and wife, Zelti, JUJU aims to bring global awareness to existing surf programmes and support new, emerging sites through various fundraising initiatives. 
Through living and traveling in Africa, Mikey and Zelti have witnessed the significant positive effects that surfing and surf therapy can have on the youth and local communities. As such, JUJU will be highlighting all the influential people and initiatives that are bringing about positive change and connecting them to global brands and supporters.
JUJU and Slowtide have collaborated to design a limited edition towel. All proceeds from the sale of the GOOD JUJU towel will go towards Surf Pop and Waves for Change in support of their ongoing efforts during some of the most challenging times in South African history.
Surf Pop and Waves for Change both offer surf therapy programs, however, during the COVID-19 lockdown they have been shut down by the government. As such, they have shifted their strategies to help their beneficiaries where it was most needed: food and mental health.