LA-based artist, Sage Vaughn, finds inspiration in nature and it’s temporary state. We teamed up with Vaughn to bring his work to life on a Slowtide Towel. To celebrate the launch, we caught up with Vaughn to discuss his process.


SLOWTIDE: Where are you from and how did you get into art?

SAGE VAUGHN: Not sure... bad at sports... unending need for validation... a love for being left alone in the same room for 15 years... or maybe I enjoy sharing what I find beautiful and interesting about this existence with others... depends on when you catch me 

S: Does surfing influence your artwork?

SV: I spend most of my time looking at a surface (canvas) right in front of my face... surfing provides another perspective... the contrast helps a lot 

I also find that surfing can be one of the most spontaneously creative activities ever invented 

S: What do you love about flowers/mushrooms?

SV: They are temporary 

S: Do you have any favorite artists that inspire you?

SV: Dane Reynolds 

S: Any advice to up and coming artists?

SV: Read “seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees”  It’s a bunch of great interviews with Robert Irwin


August 03, 2020