In collaboration with artist Schuyler Beecroft, Out the Back uses Beecroft’s ethereal style to affect the feeling of the ocean and Southern California lifestyle. We talked with Schuyler a bit about his background and his relationship with art and surfing.

Slowtide: Where are you from and how did you get into art?

Schuyler Beecroft: I was raised in Virginia Beach, but currently I'm living in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. I was introduced to art in my late teens through surf and skate culture, especially after watching Thomas Campbell's "Sprout" for the first time. That film rewired my brain in a way. It wasn't the only open book, but it was a pivot point for me.

S: What is your connection to Mollusk?

SB: I'm currently working as the Art Director for Mollusk. Our fearless leaders John McCambridge & Johanna St. Clair (owners/creative directors) have given me ample creative freedom over the last few years. I owe a lot to their collaborative nature and open mindedness.

S: Does surfing influence your artwork?

SB: Making artwork of any kind is done in an isolated context. Surfing is similar in that you may be shoulder to shoulder in a crowded lineup or completely alone on a deserted beachscape, but your thoughts and actions are performed in a solitary manner. I find both influence each other proportionally.

S: What is it like working on large mural projects vs smaller pieces?

SB: The preparation for a mural project outweighs that of an object made in a studio setting. What's the weather going to be like? Is there enough runaway to project your drawing, or will the image need to be grided? Has the wall been primed? Is renting a lift necessary? It's a mentally & physically taxing process, but well worth it once the finished piece is realized.

S: Any advice to up and coming artists?

SB: Be willing and open to making mistakes.

Photos by Adam Roth.