Staff Picks for Valentine's Day

Discovering the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a special someone can feel a bit overwhelming. We asked our team to gather their favorite Slowtide gift suggestions and wanted to pass them along to you for some inspiration.

Sundown Oversized Beach Towel

The gift I would give my husband is the Sundown Oversized towel. It's big enough to lay on for the both of us and is super plush to dry off with. He has a hard time keeping track of his towels but since the color is so bright, it will be hard to forget at the beach.

~ Arielle Bagby, Slowtide's Sales & Dealer Support Specialist

Guild Waffle Towel

Our Slowtide Guild Waffle Towel offers luxurious comfort and softness, making it a perfect gift for my wife on Valentine’s Day. The premium quality of the towel ensures that she will enjoy a spa-like experience every time she wraps herself in it, adding a touch of luxury to her daily routine.

~ Dario Phillips, Slowtide's Co-Founder

Sundown Oversized Beach Towel

I would choose the Sundown Oversized Woven because I love the new blue version of our classic multi checkered print. Plus, the oversized woven beach towel is so plush and luxurious. It would make a great gift for anyone you care about. 

~ Natalie Kelly, Slowtide's Product Developer

Hapa Oversized Beach Towel

I would give the gift of a big, warm hug in towel form after a cold-water surf. The Hapa Oversized is simply top-tier being ultra-plush and so soft.

~ Lauren Amigelo, Slowtide's Influencer Strategist

Gatsby Twill Blanket

I'm gifting my dude the ultimate cuddle fest with the Gatsby Twill Blanket. This snuggle-worthy masterpiece is not just a blanket; it's a ticket to a chill at-home date night filled with a good Netflix show, some sweet treats, and all the heart-eyed emojis!

~ Summer Striler, Slowtide's Brand Partnership Manager

Sidewinder Twill Blanket

My girlfriend and I chill on the couch every night and watch tv and drink some hot tea. She loves warm cozy blankets and our cotton twill blanket is cozy, soft and has some really cool elevated designs. Loving the sidewinder design to add some trippy geometry to our living room. I will be getting her that.

~ Chad Greenberg, Slowtide's Digital Designer

We hope these suggestions inspire you in your search for the perfect gift. If you want more suggestions, click here to view our 2024 Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

Happy Gifting! xo