It’s always a pleasure to work with our friend, artist Ty Williams. This season, we collaborated with Ty on a full at-home set. Introduce the whimsical movements of nature to your home with Kingston. We chatted with Ty Williams about the launch and this unusual year.


SLOWTIDE: Where are you? 


TY WILLIAMS: I am currently in the Northeast (Burlington, Vermont) living with my partner and her cat.


S: Any silver linings over the past few months? 


TW: I have been able to cook more and spend less money going out which I know is healthier on a bunch of levels. I have been able to pick up skateboarding “very gently” again after a 14 year break. I think the biggest thing has been able to get some perspective. I traveled a lot right up until covid hit and I think I wanted some things that couldn’t have happened unless I slowed down and paid some attention.


S: Any new projects that you are working on? 


TW: I have been doing lots of design work which is a big departure from painting walls etc / but I also really enjoy that it varies and gives me the opportunity to meet some new people even if it’s just digitally. I'm still drawing a lot and hoping to make a book sooner than later…


S: What does thanksgiving mean to you and where will you be spending it? 

TW: Thanksgiving always to me, more so than the food etc (i'm a vegetarian,)  is a time to sit and take stock of the things you are thankful for, like loved ones and health, etc. I feel as though the last 8 months or so has been a lot of that....but at least now I will have a reason to eat myself sick with mashed potatoes.

November 24, 2020