Chippa Wilson at Waterfall in Oso Poncho
Made for more than just the beach parking lot, here's a few ideas of where to wear a changing poncho.
1. At the pool.
Sustainable Extra Warm Changing Swim Poncho near Swimming Pool
Skip the changing room.
2. At home.
Sustainable Changing Poncho worn inside home
Aka: The No Pants Zone.
3. Camping!
Coors Banquet Collaborative Sustainable Changing poncho in the outdoors
Ideal for midnight bathroom missions.
4. Hanging in the garage.
Tommy Chong hanging out in a car garage while wearing a sustainable changing poncho
Make your neighbors jealous.
5. Polar plunge.
Professional Surfer Hana Scott in the snow during Canadian Winter
Only for the brave (and Wim Hoff).
6. On a bike.
Father Daughter bike ride along the beach in sustainable surf poncho
Stay warm in the wind.
7. Around the bonfire.
Women in sustainable poncho at bonfire located in Southern California
Perfect for those long summer nights!
8. In the car.
Marcus Paladino in vintage yellow truck while wearing a sustainable surf poncho
So you can drive home dry.
9. At the beach.
Toddler wearing sustainable swim poncho at the beach
It's great for sun protection too!
10. On a boat.
Professional Surfers Hana Scott and Marcus Paladino wearing sustainable surf ponchos on a boat in Western Canada
Cruise in comfort.
As you can see, a poncho is the perfect outfit for any occasion. Shop our changing poncho collection now! If you need more inspiration on where to wear our ponchos, you can check out all our poncho reviews to learn more from other's experiences or you can lurk our instagram.
Words by the creative wordsmith, Dre Turner.