Our Co-founder Dario Phillips, recently sat down with May Globus on 'The Craft' podcast.
In the conversation, they explore his childhood; how unconditional support from his parents shaped him; learning the art of negotiation from his father at a young age + how he has applied that to business and personal life. They walk through his chapter at Quiksilver; what one should understand about an athlete's psychology when developing brand relationships with them; how Slowtide came to be; what he hopes for his kids and so much more. 
Take a listen here: 
Images by: Juno Kim
"We couldn't be here today if it wasn't for us as a team, and I think really appreciated each other for that and knowing that we will get through it together." - Dario Phillips 


"I said yes more than I said no and that led to new opportunities.  My passions for skateboarding and surfing never left me." - Dario Phillips 



"It is so important for us to take a walk in the woods in the morning, feel grounded, and take a moment to stop, life is so chaotic these days with work, social media, kids, and so much going on and the importance of stopping, taking a deep breath, being in nature and experiencing the ocean." - Dario Phillips 



"We look at our products as an extension of your self-expression.  How can we showcase art and make art more accessible? Allowing people to express themselves through a product that is used every day." - Dario Phillips 



Take a listen today + thank you May, for taking the time to tell + share our story.