We collaborated with Daren Magee of 'Real Fun, Wow!' on an exclusive collection. We honored work with him & give his designs a new canvas. 
Get to know Daren below + shop collection here.
Introduce yourself, where do you call home etc.
My name is Daren Thomas Magee, I am an artist and illustrator based in Ojai, California
What has led you to pursue your career / passion in design and as an artist? 
Discontent led me to pursue an artistic endeavor at the end of my soul-sucking workdays. Something to bring some joy into my life. It was never my intention to turn that into a career, but the commitment to the practice naturally led its way there.
What was something you had to push through to get there
Trusting that what my soul was leading me towards was worth continuing to pursue. There's safety and security in the stability of a job working for someone else. The final leap out of the workforce and into pursuing what I actually loved to do took a huge amount of trust.
Who are you inspired by or what do you seek inspiration from?
I am inspired by anyone who isn't affected by what others think, anyone who is unapologetically themselves. I seek inspiration from the unknown. The places that one can visit, through various means, that are not bound by the restrictions imposed on us in this realm. That's a flowery way of saying I am inspired by the use of psychedelics.
Is there a story behind the design reflected in the collection? 
Not really. Ha ha. I wish I could say there was something really interesting about the inception of this but this is a pure example of the arrangement of lines and shapes in an appealing way. I, more often than not, will stumble upon a completed piece without any pre-intention. I really enjoy the improvisational approach to art and design. Start with nothing and see where I end up.
When not designing, where can we find you? How do you refuel? 
Up in the hills, running, running, running. I recently have become quite addicted to running. Its a space where i can just go. The perpetual movement is something that brings me great peace and reward. I cherish the time I get running through the trails. It's the perfect exercise in being focused on nothing. 
Thanks for sharing your passion, talents + art with us Daren. We are so inspired by you.