We are constantly in awe of our mother, photographer, entrepreneur, Monroe Alvarez.  She is constantly evolving her talents and manages to juggle a variety of projects with grace.  She has worked with world renowned brands and has Co-founded grlswirl , who we collaborated with last summer.  Learn more about what inspires Monroe here.

1) When did you start taking photos?
I started playing around with a Flip camera when I was 20 (remember those!?) thinking I wanted to be a film maker, and I always had one of the Canon G series camera to take pictures while I was out and about, but I never thought of photography as a career path until I was 24!
2) What or who inspired you to start?
 I was always one of those people who was constantly seeking my purpose in life. In an out of classes, trying to find what it was that lit my fire. When I moved to LA I decided to take some courses at Santa Monica College, and I had to take an elective, so I decided photography. It was then that something clicked for me. It was the first thing I had become interested in that I didn’t have the question of “How much money can I make doing this?” That’s when I knew it was for me. 
3) What or who are you currently inspired by?
 No one in particular to be honest. But there’s pieces of many people whose work pushes me to want to do better. 
4) Any advice for aspiring photographers?
Just stick to it. I was hungry to make this my career. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to quit about 80 times haha. There were many moments when I asked myself “is this for me? It’s so hard. I’m not working enough” but then I always reminded myself that this was what I love. And people will see that and feel that. Once you fully identify yourself as a photographer and promote yourself as one, people will follow along. “If you build it, they will come.” Build yourself up to be the photographer you want to be. Btw I’m still working on that myself. My journey is constantly evolving, my work is constantly evolving. But that’s what’s so cool about photography, you can do it until you’re very old, and you can change your avenue of interest whenever you want. 
5) What were your favorite parts about being a Mother?
oh man… being a Mom is so much more than I ever could have expected. In all honesty, I never dreamt about being a Mother because I just didn’t think I had it in me to surrender to another human. I didn’t think I had the patience, or time to give to a little baby. I was too selfish. But I was so wrong… being a Mother is my favorite thing in the world. Having this little human that you created look at you and love you with all its being. And the love I have for him is indescribable. So long story long, I love everything about being a Mother. 
8) What is your dream trip?
Probably adventuring around Europe with my family, bopping around from city to city, taking the train, with no plans or end date. Just being completely free and in the moment. 
9) Do you have a favorite product?
 I love the slowtide bath towels !! You know you’re getting older when you love home goods lol.


May 08, 2022