Inspired By: Raph Bruhwiler
Welcome to our newest series Inspired by. Where we chat with those who have inspired up in a variety of ways. Some will be artists, friends, surfers, family, and more. Dive in with us into these features + we hope you walk away feeling a little glimmer of inspiration these people have to offer. 
Canadian surf pioneer and Coast Guard Raph Bruhwiler inspires us in many ways.  We have been very lucky to spend lots of time adventuring with him over the years and are constantly learning from his knowledge and  experience on the land and sea.  His family values and appreciation for his backyard are second to none, and we are excited to see what the future holds for the Bruhwiler family. 
Learn more about what inspires Raph here.
When did you start surfing?
Age 8 in front of my house at chestermans beach in tofino.
What or who inspired you to start surfing?
Having the ocean as a backyard and seeing the odd person surfing back then , made me want to try.
What or who are you currently inspired by?
I’m inspired by my kids who love surfing as much as I do and I can relate with them growing up  and surfing in Tofino at a young age.
Any advice for aspiring surfers?
Keep it fun and remember how lucky we are to be able to be part of the best sport in the world.
What was your favorite part about our last Slowtide trip?
Always scoring great waves on slow tide trips and having plenty of towels.
What is a change you've made in your life that has made the most impact on you or the people around you?
I haven’t really made any major changes lately in my life, I just keep trying to be the best person I can , provide for my family and escape civilization as often as I can .
When you're not surfing, what are you up to?
Working on my place, fishing , hunting and hanging out with the family.
What is your dream trip?
Any trip surfing  with friends and family is a dream.
Do you have a favorite product?
Quick dry towels . small , light and compact. Perfect for a day of surfing .
April 17, 2022