Keoki Saguibo is a great friend with a contagious smile and a dedicated photographer who believes, “Traveling to remote destinations in search of perfect waves is part of [his] job as a surfer/photographer.”

"The Mentawai Islands are unique and at the same time somewhat familiar to Hawaii. It has the island feel to it with the air and water temperatures just like in Hawaii, but what makes it unique is the amount of different weather and lighting opportunities you encounter in a day. In one instance, it went from a crisp blue morning to a storm by lunch followed by a hot, muggy afternoon then ended it with a cool, windless, golden afternoon. I would title it a "Photographers Disneyland" because the opportunities of wonder and creativity grew so much for me within that trip. The hardest decision to make daily was whether to surf or take photos. One in which I don't think either would be a bad choice. That's paradise."

Cameras used: Canon 1DX, Leica M 240, DJI Phantom 4

January 30, 2019