Max Callas is a human being living in Southern California, a friend to some of the family here at Slowtide, and an avid documenter of life as he sees it.
"I have traveled more than some and less than others, but I have never deemed that a prerequisite to a life well lived. While travel is essential to a deeper understanding of humanity, so, too, is an honest engagement with one's surroundings, wherever and with whomever you find yourself. So far, I have been exceedingly fortunate to see and take part in a small sample of the experience of the United States and a select few regions beyond. However, I cannot discount the privilege I have been afforded for learning, growth, and simply, joy, by those I hold close. Indeed, it is those same people, some of whom are pictured here, wherein I find my 'paradise.' Paradise to me is not so much a destination, but a quality I find in those people I am lucky enough to call my friends. Indeed, as a writer much better than myself once said, 'In the particular is contained the universal.' I am fortunate enough to find my paradise, a paradise that can be found by anyone if care is taken, in the particular little moments and the people that occupy them."
Cameras Used: Nikon F, Various Point and Shoots, Leica M6
January 07, 2020