Introducing photographer Vivian Kim for this new Paradise Found Feature. Vivian is a friend of the brand and spends her time in LA + NYC, sharing her passions on both the West + East Coast. It is no surprise that the coast is her Paradise and that she finds so much peace in the places where the coastline & sand meet the waters edge.
 Dive into her Paradise Found feature below & check out her portfolio here.
What is Paradise to you?
Vivian: "Paradise is where I’m able to find my peace of mind, and become grounded again — aka anywhere either along the coast or shrouded with trees. I travel a lot for work. As exhilarating as it may be at times, bouncing from one metropolitan city to the next, really wears me out. It’s important for me to be able to disconnect from the chaotic energy of work and city life, and to experience quieter, simpler moments."
Where is that place for you?
Vivian: "I love the central coast of California. Really, I love the entire coast, but the central coast is where I feel the most slowed down. It’s a few hours from where I live, so my friends and I often end up making a trip out of it and camping for a few days. It’s nice to get off the grid, lose service, and, for an extrovert like myself, be gently forced into solitude. I also spent a ton of time in Hawaii growing up, and have a solid community of friends there. Paradise is made all the better when you have amazing people around you, and I think that is what makes Hawaii so special for me."
When did you start photography & what was the spark?
Vivian: "I grew up in California, playing outside all day with friends, documenting our classic California childhood. This involved a lot of skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, coastal drives, sunrises, sunsets, reckless moments, beautiful sun kissed friends, and a variety of landscapes. I love the sun, as funny as it sounds. I loved the way it would change the colors of the sky, and the way it would paint a golden hue over all skin tones, the way it would make the coastline and my friend’s eyes sparkle. It was all so entrancing to me, and I selfishly wanted to capture this magic — which I was able to do through photography. My best friend and I inherited a Canon AE1 from his grandfather, and together, we learned how to use a fully mechanical camera. I quickly became obsessed with the medium and I suppose the rest is history."
Thank you Vivian for taking the time to chat with us, we are so inspired by your work, ability to light up any room, and your love for cookies... next dozen is on us.