We are thrilled to reveal our newest capsule collection with Sig Zane Designs. Sig Zane Designs honor the land and native culture of Hawaiʻi while celebrating excellence and beauty. Slowtide's deep connection to Hawaiʻi stems from our founder's homeland and cultural emphasis through a variety of our designs so this collaboration led an organic pairing. 

A keiki o ka ʻāina, Sig Zane is a child of Hawaiʻi. From the earliest years, the ocean has been his playground. Living in the rhythms of tide and wave, and sun and moon, nature has defined Sig from the beginning. Sig and his wife Nalani Kanakaʻole opened the doors to Sig Zane Designs in 1985. Their mission was to educate and share what they knew about their culture. Today, their stories continue with every product and performance, and their son Kūhaʻo carries the torch further into the next generation.

How did Sig Zane Designs get started?
Way Back When
What is the main message you would like people to understand about Sig Zane Designs?
Our grandparents and parents used to remind us not to forget the old ways.  We listened and began our company focusing on the cultural practices of hula and fishing.  The use of the specific plants in the arts directed our first designs.  We continue to share our practices through our art and stories.  We believe that these narratives and perspectives will help perpetuate the culture of our islands.
 What inspired the design of this collaboration?
Kamakalaukoa, the design chosen for this collection, is about the greatest tree in the Hawaiian forest.  Its uses and symbolism are fundamental to many traditions of our people.  Because of its value in our daily lives, we wanted to build a collection that would reflect the many characteristics.  
How did the design process evolve to what was created today?
Ka-Maka-Lau-Koa, literally translates to The-Eye-Leaf-Koa, but figuratively for our people, it means The Multitude Faces of the Koa Tree.
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