Gavin Dogan is a friend of Slowtide and the vivacious owner of General Admission in Venice Beach, CA. He spent three and a half years building his dream home just down the street from his shop. With modern touches and a rooftop view of the Venice Canals, his home is something from your favorite design book. Gavin graciously opened his doors to the Slowtide team and discussed the design, build, and feeling of his space.


Slowtide: How long have you called this space home?

Gavin Dogan: We’ve lived in the home for about a year and half now and took 3.5 years to build it.

S: What makes this space distinctly yours?

GD: Well, essentially my wife and I created the space from scratch. I conceptualized and designed the home layout and landscaping whilst my wife designed all of the interiors. What makes the space distinctively ours is really every last detail, from the plants along the exterior, to the finishes and the furniture inside. While the space is pretty minimalistic, there's not a detail in the house that wasn’t thought through.

S: What inspires you about your home?

GD: What we love about our home is the feeling of indoor and outdoor. The big, open pocket sliding windows make the space feel a lot bigger than it is and create a sense that the spaces are connected. We also love the fact that every space of the home has a distinct purpose so we really utilize the entire house. Lastly, the biggest asset our home has is a rooftop overlooking the Venice Canals. It's a sort of a hidden gem, so when guests arrive they have no clue it even exists; it's exciting seeing people's reactions when they discover it. Lastly, I'm pretty proud of our garden. I picked out virtually every single plant in and out of the house. 

S: How do you feel when you finally walk into your home at the end of a day?

GD: I feel pretty peaceful. It's really a nice escape from work and the city. Although I do find it a good place to work at times with no one bothering me…until my kids get home and it becomes their playground. Overall, my home acts as many different things for me - it’s a place for peace and quiet, a place to hang with friends and family, and a playground for my kids.