Jordan and Bronte are quite the creative couple. Jordan is a talented film director and has been a friend of Slowtide since its inception. He has worked with a variety of clients like Versace, Moncler, and his good mate Shaun White. His lovely girlfriend Bronte is a gifted interior stylist whose talents shine through in their beautiful home in LA's arts District. 
Get inspired with the full Slowtide home feature below:


How long have you called this space home?
We moved in May 2021…so about 8 months now. 


What makes this space distinctly yours?
Bronte: Definitely the bookshelf. We wanted to create a space divider that still made the loft feel open. So I designed the bookshelf and Jordan’s dad built it for under $500!
Jordan: A few things but I really love the reading nook. We’ve got some comfy chairs, a record player and a fire place. It’s my favorite place to have a coffee or a cocktail.


Where do you look for design inspiration?
Art museums, Noguchi, Eames, Vintage stores, and nature! 
How do you feel when you finally walk into your home at the end of the day?
Bronte: It’s great to unwind here. The neutral colors of the furniture are warm and calming, although it’s one open space it still feels cozy.
Jordan: I work from home, so I love that fact that I can be here all day and don’t get sick of it :)


Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us, wish you both an incredible new year. 
~ Slowtide