Surf photographer, Nick Lavecchia has been behind quite a few Slowtide shoots. He turned the camera inward to show us an inside look at his sustainable home in York, Maine. With solar panels and recycled newspaper insulation, Lavecchia’s home is as efficient as it is beautiful.

SLOWTIDE: How long have you called this space home?
NICK LAVECCHIA: We built our house over the course of 11 months, and moved in around July 2015. 

S: What makes this space distinctly yours?
NL: We were fortunate enough to be able to build on my wife's family farm. We took the design and overall efficiency to heart from the very beginning. When you design and build something like your first house, it feels like every decision, both large and small, are distinctly yours. 

S: What inspires you about your home?
NL: The simplicity in form. The lines, the light and shadows, and the open feel of the space under that is under 1000sf.

S: How do you feel when you finally walk into your home at the end of the day?
NL: Fortunately I work from home for the most part, so I get to spend most of my time enjoying this beautiful space. I will never take that for granted. After being gone on a shoot for weeks, coming home gives me the immediate feeling of relaxation. I think that mostly comes from the abundance of natural light, being able to enjoy the outdoors and the garden, and quick walk to the surf.
November 03, 2020