As part of our Spring ‘20 collection, we are pleased to have collaborated with the colorful French artist, Quentin Monge. Quentin Monge grew up on a beach in the south of France, where he started out drawing simple silhouettes in the sand. His childhood under the sun of the French Riviera keeps haunting his work.
The Crux towel is made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton and Oeko-Tex certified. 
We caught up with Monge to discuss the collaboration.
Slowtide: Can you tell us where you’re from and how you got into art? 
Quentin Monge: I grew up on the French Riviera where I recently came back to live and work. I’ve always been drawing, from the beach as a kid to school, where I studied to be a graphic designer. 
S: What inspires you? 
QM: The place I live definitely, there is a certain charm in those old villages of the South of France, the colors of the façade make a great color palette. Nature plays a big part in this as well. I couldn't live too far from the sea.
S: Describe a typical day for you
QM: I wake up at a different time every day, I’m not a morning person with rituals. Walking my dog in the hills behind my house is usually the first thing I do. I come back to the studio, check emails, I sometimes have commissioned work to do. If not, I usually paint the rest of the day and night. I am often very inspired at night and get most of the sketches and ideas done during the night.
S: Who is your favorite artist?
QM: It’s a classic but If I have to pick one it would be Picasso. The body of work is so rich, I keep discovering new pieces every year. 
S: Any new projects that you're excited about?
QM: I’m trying to focus more and more on paintings, hopefully, do exhibitions. Keep exploring some woodwork. I’ll be also working on a project with a local potter for a nice collaboration.
S: What do you like about a towel?
QM: I like this after a surfing moment when you wrap yourself into a nice dry towel, this is part of the session when you soak in all the good vibes.