Presenting the "Keep It Rollin" Towel
An irie collaboration from Slowtide + Roark Revival
Gentle trade winds whipping off a turquoise sea lick at the beading heat on your skin and pleasantly cool you...The bass-heavy reggae beat on the street echoes through a surreally-sized sound system and hits something in your chest — causing you to move. Rambling through the misty Blue Mountain range en route the Boboshanti fortress, the scent of coffee and cannabis mixes, earthily. Welcome to Jamaica: a vibrant island pulsating with music and life.
Perhaps Roark heard the tune in a song crackling on a radio a few islands over, or maybe in a dream — “Dem say, "Dreadlocks, the time is now. Stand up fight for your rights…" But it was an adequate calling card nevertheless, and one that drew the adventurer to the heart of the Caribbean to explore this emerald island’s rich culture, coastline and the creative consumptions of ganja.
Indeed, it was an irie trip, one with warm waves, frosty Red Stripes and accidental campouts with clandestine smugglers that led to the creation of our “Keep it Rollin” towel, illustrated by Roark’s comrade, the Chilean artist/skateboarder, Michel Tumani. As colorful as the Caribbean and as fun-loving as a skateboarding pot-plant, Slowtide’s collaboration with Roark on the “Keep it Rollin” towel brings positive vibrations where you might be drying off.
As Uncle Bob [Marley] said, “Lively up yourself,” and while you’re at it dry-ly up yourself.
Grab yourself the Towel here:)
June 21, 2018
Tags: Roark