We are excited to announce our most recent collaboration with Tahnei Roy. Her beautiful shoreline perspective is now available on one of our quick-dry towels. 
Step into the vibrant world of Tahnei Roy, a multitalented photographer, director, and producer whose journey is as captivating as her art. Born and raised amidst the landscapes of the North Shore of Oahu, Tahnei's passion for visual storytelling ignited at a young age when she acquired her first video camera and water housing. Against the backdrop of Hawaii's pristine beauty, she honed her craft, capturing the essence of adventure across the islands. Tahnei's path led her to Southern California, where she pursued water polo competitively before transitioning to film school to delve deeper into her love for cinematography and photography. Skilled with a Bachelor's degree in Film and Video Production, she embarked on a dynamic career, initially as an online editor and videographer for a women's lifestyle publication before venturing into the realm of freelance digital content creation in 2017. In this exclusive Q&A, Tahnei shares insights into her creative process, experiences, and the journey that continues to shape her remarkable portfolio. 
Where are you from?
I'm from Haleʻiwa, Hawaiʻi.
How did you get introduced to photography?
I've always been drawn to capturing my life through photography and video. Back in high school, I bought a used water housing and camera and created video edits of my friends and our day-to-day lives. I still have those videos, and every few years, my friends and I revisit them, instantly transported back to those moments. I love that I'll always have these memories to look back on. Documenting people has become one of my favorite things because a simple photo or video can bring you right back to a specific moment in time.
What do you draw inspiration from?
To be honest, I've recently felt a bit lost in terms of inspiration, and it has been a valuable exercise to take a step back and reflect. I've always been drawn to listening to people share stories about their lives and experiences. My aspiration is to dive deeper into documentary work, becoming more involved in projects that focus on narratives and storytelling. I would love to find a better balance between commercial work and passion projects.
Do you have a story on the photo behind the towel?
Years ago, I was on a surf trip with Victoria Vergara in the Mentawais. In between a set, I turned around to take in the backdrop, capturing this moment.
What does your daily routine look like at home?
Every day feels unique when I'm at home, but I thrive when I establish a routine for myself, especially on days when I'm not on location for a shoot. During these times, I aim for a slow morning—making breakfast with coffee, stretching, and taking my dog to the beach. I consistently find that taking a moment to step outside before sitting at my computer for the day has a positive impact on my overall well-being and the quality of my work.
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