By Mike Berard

Why should I go with a waffle towel?
The obvious reasons include its lightweight and quick-drying capabilities. The loose-textured waffle fabric offers a three-dimensional texture that gives more surface to the towel, allowing for better drying. Our Waffle Towel fabric wears down slowly and comfortably over time, providing the absorbency of a typical bath towel, without becoming weighed down and heavy like a standard towel.
What is a Waffle Towel? 
The simplest response is: Waffle fabric is woven from cotton into a honeycomb pattern that looks like a waffle. The resulting waffle fabric offers a hyper-absorbent towel with superior air flow, which allows it to dry rapidly. More surface area due to the waffle means more absorption. It also means more area to dissipate that same wetness in a hurry. 
Where does Slowtide source cotton for its waffle towels?
Slowtide’s waffle towels are exclusively made from cotton sustainably sourced through the Cotton LEADS℠ program. The program offers manufacturers, brands, and retailers a reliable cotton supply chain solution and confidence that their raw material is responsibly produced and identified. Simply put, our cotton is better for the planet than most cotton. In addition to using sustainable cotton, Slowtide is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning its 100% free of harmful chemicals. 
October 01, 2020