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Available in a range of beautiful colors, our Turkish bath towels are the epitome of luxury and comfort. With a Turkish-style front and a looped terry back, our Koko Collection of Turkish cotton bath towels are perfect as gifts or to take your bathroom routine to the next level.

Each towel is crafted from sustainably sourced cotton that makes up the towel front, while the back resembles the texture of a traditional bath towel, thanks to the looped terry material. Offering the ultimate drying experience, our Koko Turkish bath towels are superabsorbent, stylish, and great for those in search of a more minimalistic design that doesn’t compromise on elegance or quality.

With both bath towels and hand towels available, as well as bundles of two or four of each, overhauling your bathroom towel situation is as easy as ordering the number of bundles you need. Once delivered, you can enjoy matchless warmth, plushness, and luxury, thanks to the careful thought and attention to detail put into crafting our Turkish bath towels.

Choose from colors like indigo, heather gray, and olive, you can take full control of the aesthetic and color palette you’re going for no matter where you plan on using your new Turkish bath towels.

We’re so confident you’ll love your new towels that we even offer a money-back guarantee should you have any reason to be unhappy with your purchase.