We are eager to announce our 2021 Creative Canvas artist winner... Ignacia Tubero. Ignacia, who goes by Iggy, is an incredible artist who we feel honored to partner with to bring her work to a new canvas. 
Shop her winning Tapestry Blanket here + get to know her below. 
All photos shot by; Brian Larrabee. 
When did you start making art?

I have always enjoyed drawing and creating art from a young age. I remember being in elementary school and entering art contests every year, but my high school in Chile was where I really began creating. It was an art oriented school (Colegio Winterhill) that focused on putting emphasis on creativity as opposed to other subjects. We would paint murals around the school, screenprint, block print, create pottery, etc. That school was really the foundation to my love for art.

What or who inspired you to start?

My dad had a bunch of old surf magazines, one being the Surfer Magazine with the 'Tales From The Tube" surf comic drawn by Rick Griffin. His art was like nothing I had ever seen before and I was just getting into surfing around the time so it really inspired me. He not only drew surf art but also created some sick concert posters for musicians like Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead. Everything from the lettering to the colors really fascinated me and is what drew me towards my surf/retro art style. 

What or who are you currently inspired by?

I am constantly inspired by everything I surround myself with, the places I am visiting, the waves I surf, the people I meet. I come from Chile which is really cold most of the time so traveling between Florida and Central America has really inspired the colors and warm tones I love to use within my designs. Artist-wise I am really inspired by Thomas Campbell, Hannah Eddy, Mark Gonzales, and Jose Nacho Vargas.

Also definitely inspired by my parents who have pushed through life to give me everything and anything, I am super grateful for them and all they have done for me because without them I would not be where I am today. Perseverance is key.

Any advice for aspiring artists?

Some advice I would give aspiring artists which I sometimes struggle with too, is to not compare yourself to others, everyone is unique in their own way.  Be proud of your own unique artistic voice and do not let comparing yourself to others get you down. You are worthy in your own right.

Is there a story about the winning art?

Funny thing is I had created this piece as a pattern for some swimwear for a client who ended up not wanting and scratching the whole idea. I had to draw up a new concept for her which she ended up loving but once I decided to keep it as my own and she saw I won this contest, she was begging me for it. Super stoked she didn't like it and decided to not go with that idea so I could keep it as my own.

What is a change you've made in your life that has made the most impact on you or the people around you?

A huge change I made in my life a couple of years ago was to surround myself with positive and inspiring people. Building relationships with people who empower and support you is everything. They push you to become a better you, to evolve and grow with confidence. I really am grateful for the South Florida surfing community. 

When you're not creating what are you up to?

If I'm not creating you can find me in the water surfing or at the skatepark. If not those then I am most likely answering emails and keeping up with the logistics side of my design business at a local coffee shop wherever I am.

What is your dream trip?

My absolute dream trip would be to visit Indonesia one day, it is definitely on my bucket list. I would surf my brains out if I ever got the opportunity to go!! Barrelz for dayzzzz!! 

Do you have a favorite product of ours?

Definitely the Slowtide changing towel poncho, I had never invested in a towel poncho before and after winning this art contest and getting to pick out some merch I was able to try it out. It makes it much easier to change into clothes after surfing and keeps you warm if it's chilly outside. (No accidental towel slips either) Highly recommend it!!
Thank you Iggy for bringing us along your journey, so happy to have been able to collaborate with you!