Drilling is Killing surfrider foundation collaboration
Over the first weekend of October, one of the largest oil spills in recent Southern California history made its way to one of our home beaches. 126,000 gallons of crude oil has spilled into the Pacific off the coast of Orange County, creating a 13-square-mile slick. The spill now threatens the delicate wetlands such as the Talbert Marsh that helps store California’s surface water, control pollution and flooding, and serves as a critical nursery area for a number of plants and animal species.
We did a 24 hour online sale where we donated 100% of our website profits to Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center to support their current ongoing efforts. Thanks to all your support, we were able to donate $6,000!
Here’s additional ways to help:
  • If you encounter any injured wildlife affected by the oil spill, call the Oiled Wildlife Care Network Hotline @ 877-823-6926
  • Text OILSPILL to 51555 for updates to take action and volunteer with Surfrider Foundation.
Important things to note:
  • Only certified and trained volunteers will be able to help directly with the handling of the wildlife. The public is discouraged from actively participating in the clean up or trying to save oiled wildlife because the oil is highly toxic and you can cause more harm than good.
  • Do not attempt to capture and transport wildlife affected, there are response teams deployed already.
  • For your own health and safety, and in an effort to keep the areas clear for trained workers, please stay away from the affected beaches.