Caley Vanular is living the dream. She is a creator, athlete, and adventurer. In her own words ” I am here on this computer thing executing large-scale marketing plans, creating unique visual content and brainstorming outlandish activations for large and small brands.  We are grateful to have been able to work, surf, hangout + get to know her over the year.
Get inspired by Caley today below
When did you start taking photos?
When I was a kid I was very into thrifting and would pick up old film cameras (half of them didn't work) for a few dollars, get film and shoot photos of whatever I was up to. Which makes it feel like I've had some sort of camera my entire life. It wasn't till my twenties that I started making income from my photography but it's always been a type of creative expression for me.
What or who inspired you to start?
When I started travelling for snowboarding there weren't that many women participating in the sport and barely any my age... which automatically made me like a little sister to a lot of people. Those relationships I made through boardsports influenced so much of who I grew up to be. Since as far back as I can remember I was documenting and storytelling in whatever way I could whether it was writing, drawing or photography. The exposure from both boardsports and an ap art program at school essentially inspired me to start creating in whichever way I could and I've continued to do so across various mediums my entire life.

What or who are you currently inspired by?
My inspiration often appears through my connections, travels and experiences. Right now I find I am drawn to gen z pop culture, American blues/country music, vintage travel photography and modern spanish designers. As for people specifically... My good friend Leeor Wild has a magical eye for medium format portraits... I'm constantly inspired by her ever-evolving work and just her as a person.

Any advice for aspiring photographers?
Keep trying new things and working with new people. It takes time to master your craft and shooting new subjects, locations and scenarios will only help you find your expression faster. It's also really helpful to be able to practice unfavorable situations as when you're shooting for work that is typically what happens... schedules run late or the weather changes and your lighting almost always ends up harsh or dark. The practice you do outside of contracted work will help you keep your cool when the light gets hot.

What were your favorite parts about our last Slowtide trip to Japan?
My favourite part would have to be the crew. It was such a good group of people. We would just skate through the streets of Tokyo, eat the best food and link up with so many interesting characters.
What is a change you've made in your life that has made the most impact on you or the people around you?
Redefining my definition of success... this way of thinking... challenging what you see as 'successful' weather that be comfort, status or consumption... has personally allowed me so much freedom. Things like living with low overhead, committing to a general direction, investing in yourself and living slightly uncomfortably has afforded me a life I could have never dreamt of and I love to remind people that they can so easily do it too.

When you're not snowboarding, what are you up to?
Everything ;) I always have at least three things on the go... (maybe more like 10). This year I launched FORAH a raw, natural skin and suncare brand. I also have been travelling the globe shooting and directing brand campaigns. And in between all of that I have been surfing as much as possible.
Can you tell us more about FORAH?
I have been slowly working on FORAH for a few years now, formulating products, meeting with manufacturers. It's been really enriching learning more about production beyond just marketing a product and also interesting to take on a project like this solo. The premise is that FORAH is a natural, sustainable and powerful sunscreen & skincare brand inspired by my time spent outside surrounded by rugged oceans, vast mountains and endless days in the sun. It's made on Vancouver Island and Based in LA -- propelled by photography and community. So all-in-all it's basically just the perfect companion to bring to the beach with your slowtide towel.
What is your dream trip?
It's a dream to sail around the world. To travel to Antarctica. To explore more of Africa.
To travel to India, Tahiti, New Zealand and South America. It's kind of an ever-flowing dream destination list...
Do you have a favorite product?
My favorite product is the Turkish towel... when i'm travelling it's a towel, a seat, a changing room, a blanket, a skirt or a dress. I live in that thing.
At home I love the luxe bath towels and moseying about in the bath robe.
September 11, 2022