Evan Schell is a freelance photographer & videographer from San Diego, California.
Evan has a degree in Environmental Studies and Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz, where he worked on film projects that incorporated both fields of study. His current work is centered around documenting surfing, art, music and making short films that highlight environmental education. 
Paradise has taken on a whole new meaning to me over the last three years. It used to be a place where I could go to find solitude and escape the madness of the world, but now I’ve found it to be a place or setting where I can be with other people and enjoy their company. Spending so much time away from loved ones, friends, and even strangers, really took a toll on me. Over the last few months I’ve been able to get out of the funk that I was spiraling out in and I have a whole new outlook on what truly makes me happy. As cliche as it is, paradise will always be a place near the ocean for me. Since childhood I’ve always found joy by the coast and in the water and to this day, big blue brings me an immense amount of happiness no matter what’s happening on land.