Textured Waves propagates the culture and sport of women’s surfing towards women of color and underrepresented demographics through representation, community and sisterly camaraderie. Founded in 2019 by three African American female surfers, Textured Waves was born out of necessity to fill the visual void in surfing. Danielle Black Lyons, Chelsea Woody and Martina Duran felt they were missing a sense of community in their respective regions and wanted to make change.

This limited edition collection is inspired by the beauty and power of womanhood in surfing and created in combination with artist, Tierney Moses. Tierney is an artist, bartender, gallery owner and textile designer currently based in Mexico. Her latest work focuses on the arts, spirits and people from around the world down the street. 

Slowtide is proud to support their values of integrity, inclusion and advocating diversity in the water. We are excited to share below a deeper dive into the Textured Waves Team story, community development and collaboration build up. 

How did Textured Waves get started?

We came together to create a space where WOC and BIPOC surfers felt included. A movement that began online with imagery evolved into long lasting impacts on surfing through film and in person events, retreats and meetups. We are a landing space and a resource for many different types of surfers and folks interested in surfing. 

Is there a goal with the organization? 

Our aim is to provide more visibility to women of color surfers. Our mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in surfing culture-- and to ensure folks feel empowered to enter lineups with knowledge, safety and acceptance. We envision a future where our lineups are as diverse as the world we inhabit.

What were the highlights from the recent Mexico retreat? 

Bonding with other incredible female surfers from different backgrounds around the globe who all have the shared experience of feeling at times isolated within their own home surf breaks. Meeting and surfing with Saladita locals, Ilianet Valdovinos and Patty Yornelas, two women who are bringing light to the female Mexican and Latin surf scene and inspiring others within their own community and globally to grace the waves. 


What inspired the design of our collaborative capsule and who designed it? 

We wanted a design that highlighted the beauty and power of womanhood in surf. This design created in collaboration with artist Tierney Moses, illustrates the different shapes and shades we come in....all coming together to make a harmonious statement, whether on land or at sea. 

Any advice for someone looking to experience the ocean and try surfing?  

The most important part of forming a relationship with the ocean is understanding and respecting it. We always recommend that anyone wanting to try surfing for the first time, forms an understanding of ocean safety, how the waves behave, what local breaks are available to you and most suited to your level. Safety is the foundation for a long lasting and strong relationship with the ocean, surfing, or any other aquatic sport you wish to try. We also recommend you take a surf lesson from a certified instructor. We have many resources available on our website for those looking to start their surf journey! 

Shop the collection here A portion of the sales will be donated directly to support Textured Waves’ efforts.
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All images shot by Elise Laine