We caught up with our friend Chris Miyashiro who is an artist, skater, photographer, surfer & creative. He has brought his artwork to life through a variety of mediums & on a variety of canvas’ from murals to clothing and beyond. We love seeing  where his work settles and are inspired by its beauty. We learned where his Paradise is found and how that place is what ignites his creativity inside. 

T H E   N O R T H  P A C I F I C
“What makes this place magical to me, is that regardless of which governments own which region, the mana of its early explorations are still here. The triangle in the pacific spiritually stands alone as a country of true explorers and voyagers guided only by nature and heavenly insight. It was a realm where roads were ocean currents, where maps were stars, and where success was measured in harmony. This is the place where my creativity dwells. I have been extremely blessed to be a part of the northern region and continue to be inspired every day by re-discovering the wonders of old.” - Chris Miyashiro 
~ Portrait by Zach Miller ~
Check out Chris’ work below:
"My cameras are a mix of Iphone and film, and my paintings are usually house paint on wood or ink on paper." - Chris Miyashiro
~ Arvo Mural ~
~ Koa in the valley ~ 
~ Pe'a ~
~ hōkūle'a and lē'ahi taken on expired film ~
~ Kaiao Space ~
~ Kuahiwi ~
~ Teacher ~
~ Tunnel Dreams ~
~ Water ~ 

Thanks for spending time with us Chris, so eager to see the work you will continue to create. With love, 

The Slowtide Family

Click here to check out more of Chris' work. 

November 19, 2021