Step inside the home of our good friends Pascale & Ryan in Tofino, BC.  Pascale’s family founded one of the oldest surf shop in Canada, Live to Surf in 1984.  Pascale also founded Coastal Bliss Yoga in 2010.  Her and her husband Ryan lived in an airstream with their newborn baby Hazel while they built their beautiful home and guesthouse.  Ryan is an experienced wildlife guide and avid surf explorer.  We are lucky to call them friends and if you ever visit Tofino, book their beautiful home here.
How long have you called this space home? 
About four years.

What makes this space distinctly yours?
We put our hearts & hands into the design and build. Seeing all the pieces come together feels like it reflects us. 

Where do you look for design inspiration?
We look for design inspiration from nature , simplicity and combining the old with the new. 

How do you feel when you finally walk into your home at the end of the day?
Cozy, warm and thankful.
Thank you Pascale & Ryan for opening up your home to us. Cant wait to visit here soon! Wishing you & yours a beautiful holiday.
The Slowtide Family 
November 23, 2021