Meet Our Quick-Dry Travel Towels

The Art of High Speed Drying Off

A Quick 5 On Why Quick-Dry

Made from 100% recycled materials, our Quick-dry Travel Towels are the perfect companion for any adventure. Here we’re going to break down the top five reasons we love quick-dry for anything from surfing, camping, hitting the road, or just straight up efficiency at home. First up is the namesake of this fast-lane drying off option.

1. SPEED: It gets you dry fast and dries itself out in no time. Made from 100% post-consumer waste, primarily plastic water bottles, each Quick-Dry Towel absorbs 4x its weight in water. 

2. LIGHTWEIGHT: Toss it over your shoulder, your board, or in a backpack and go. Because keeping things light and breezy is where it’s at, nobody wants a wet blanket (or towel) weighing them down. 

3. VERSATILITY: More than a way to dry off, you can slip your Quick-Dry between boards on the way to the beach, wrap up that wet swimsuit before tossing it into your bag, or throw some shade when you need to hide out from the sun. 

4. PACKABILITY: Fold it, roll it, scrunch it up and stuff it. The combo of lightweight and compact microfiber makes this your new favourite travel buddy no matter how far you plan to go. 

5. STYLE: The double-sided print lets you express yourself from any angle. Plus, it does double duty as a hair wrap to keep your back and shoulders dry after you’re out of the water.