Breakers Tapestry Blanket

Partnering with Artestar, Slowtide is proud to officially license Keith Haring's iconic artwork.


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Soft Materials- Made in the USA. 1100 grams: our heaviest blanket.

Functional - Oversized and durable. Fits over a queen sized bed!

Artistic - Reversible unique design with fringe detailing. Vegan leather label.

Size - 68 x 50  in. | 172.72 x 127 cm

Versatile - Perfect for year-round outdoor trips, your bedroom, your wall, and wherever else your adventures take you. 

    © Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

    All our products we make are sustainably sourced.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 836 reviews
    Brian Cutter

    Really like all your products for the beach! Changing poncho are awesome

    Perfect & Compact - Gets rid of the morning dew :)

    I love this towel, and have had to buy 2 more as gifts, because all my friends that see it want mine. It takes up almost no space whatsoever, is super absorbent, and dries very quickly. All 3 things I want in a beach/pool towel... It seems more like a chamois than a towel. I never take bulky towels with me to the beach anymore. Perfect gift for any surfer/swimmer/regular beach-goer. It isalso great for travelers because it easily squeezes into small bags and takes up very little space. I never used to throw a towel in my backpack when I would travel, but now my dancing bear towel is a must have item when traveling. You will not be disappointed one bit. Especially if you are a deadhead! Great work slowtide!


    if you want it, buy it

    Marta Evans
    This towel is nothing to F with.

    Was skeptical of the fabric. I now believe. Wutang forever.

    Beth Gibbs
    Great towel!

    Love this towel! It does what it says and it’s really good looking. I just need more!