We're thrilled to announce our exclusive collaboration with Seager. This collection merges Slowtide's coastal roots with Seager's grit of the Old West. Below, get an insider's look into the creative process with our team interview.
Tell us about Seager's mission in one-two sentences.
Inspired by the Grit and Ruggedness of the Old West, Seager is a lifestyle brand making quality outdoor gear and apparel. As a bootstrapped company, we make small-batch runs of products in order to keep the highest standard of quality. 
What was the spark behind this collaboration?
We've always been a fan of Slowtide's product offering and the quality that goes into their towels and blankets. We are also very particular with who we like to partner with and pride ourselves in working with brands that are like-minded, but also experts in their field. Also, cool that we are each founded by 3 friends and can relate to each other from that point of view. 
Tell us about the weekend trip that brought the founders together from both Slowtide and Seager. Where was the trip? Who was the ringleader behind the fun? How was it shooting and using the products together?
Green Valley Lake- we had planned multiple other trips that all fell through due to weather and ended up sending it last minute to a cabin in the mountains. We fished, drank some beers, cold plunged, hiked to a hot spring and ate a delicious over-the-fire meal by our friend and Chef, Brian Lee. Building relationships with people is what we're most fond of and we are very appreciative to have gotten to know Wylie, Dario and Kyle on a more personal level. 
Photos shot by our longtime friend and brand photographer Ryan Valasek "Snacks" and video shot and edited by our in-house videographer, Dylan Lesch
What is the Seager team's favorite item from the collaboration and why?
Seager Range Boss Tote and Seager Stripe Towel. 
Between the custom California Camouflage print and construction of the tote bag, we think it's one of the strongest and most unique products in the offering. We are really digging how soft and thick the jacquard towel is, but also love how we made multiple towels/blankets with a different use-case for each one. Having this collection in your arsenal sets you up for any kind of outdoor adventure you'd get yourself into. 
All photos by Ryan Valasek.
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