Introducing Slowtide's most recent collaboration with T&C (Town & Country), born from a shared love for the surf lifestyle and Hawaii's rich cultural heritage. With both brands rooted in the heart of surfing and community, the partnership is a natural happening of tradition and innovation. Inspired by T&C's iconic yin and yang logo, which symbolizes the balance between "Town" and "Country" surf spots and the harmony crucial in surfing and life, this collaboration embodies the spirit of aloha and stoke that has guided T&C for over 50 years. As T&C's founder, Craig Sugihara, envisioned, this partnership brings together heritage and fresh energy to create a collection that resonates with surfers and beach enthusiasts alike. With Slowtide's reputation for crafting exceptional beach textile essentials, the collaboration delivers products that not only celebrate the surf culture but also enhance every beachgoer's experience.

What was the main source of inspiration behind this collaboration?

We always enjoy working with brands that have a strong connection to the surf lifestyle and Hawaii.  Making the connection seemed more than natural. We have worked with Kyle in the past on other projects and watched Slowtide grow from humble beginnings to their amazing success today. Connecting a heritage brand like T&C with deep roots in surfing and Hawaii together with fresh energy at Slowtide was a no brainer.   

What is the story behind the iconic yin and yang logo?

 Founder Craig Sugihara's original shop was located in Pearl City and opened in 1971.  At the time Pearl City was the approximate midpoint between "Town" surf on the south shore and "Country" surf on the North Shore and Kamehameha Highway was the only route.  After arriving at a name with meaning he liked, Craig started brainstorming ideas.  A graphic artist suggested the Yin-Yang given two of its meanings.  First the two different "personalities" of these surfing destinations.  "Town" with Queens, Canoes, Kaiser, and Ala Moana Bowls fun to high performance waves in a city setting complete with the glitter of Waikiki and "Country" surf on the north shore with Haleiwa, Lanieakea, Pipe, and Sunset all waves of consequence at the end of the drive the pineapple and sugarcane plantation towns.  Second, was the inherent meaning of balance so critical to success in surfing and in life.  Craig liked the meaning of both and worked with the artist to integrate both concepts into the logo.  The meaning behind the logo has guided T&C for over 50 years and will continue to guide us into the future. 

What would you like the audience to learn about Town & Country from this collaboration?

T&C is a company that was built on STOKE and ALOHA. These concepts have guided our efforts at every level - branding, board building, retail, and community engagement.  As a kama'aina owned and operated company it is important that we remain connected with our community and respect these powerful guiding principles. 

How has the brand image evolved over the years since starting in 1971?

Since 1971 T&C has changed in SO many ways! To remain relevant and successful has required that almost every part of our operation has changed and evolved in over 50 plus years of business.  In refreshing ways, some major things remain unchanged.  T&C is still family owned and operated.  T&C is still committed to board building.  T&C continues to support a strong team of local surfers that help to refine and evolve our surfboard designs together with our amazing local shapers.  T&C remains dedicated to providing the best selection of product and highest level of customer service at all of our retail locations.  Unwavering commitment to all of this has taken T&C to distant shores and we are now present in Australasia, Brazil, Europe and Japan through our license partners.  

What are you most excited about in sharing this collaboration?

We are excited about the positive energy we can create by collaborating and the amazing product that Slowtide can bring to the market as a category leader. Slowtide makes amazing products that enhance anyone's day at the beach!  The connection with a quality company with strong Hawaii ties is an added bonus.

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All photos by John Hook.