Meet our friend, Brett Vergou. He wears many hats: he's co-owner of Adelio, wetsuit designer, brand manager, carpenter, father and owner of Banksia Lane Homes. Brett has over 24 years of building experience and it shows. We are lucky enough to get some insight on his current home + get a visual tour. Keep scroll to learn more!

Interior Photo of Living RoomHow long have you called this space home? 

We semi finished the house 18 months ago and have been slowly finishing the rest off ever since. There seems to never been an official end date of when absolutely everything is done as I keep adding to my list but Its at a good stage now and feels practically complete.
Kitchen Area
What makes this space distinctly yours?
Other than actually building this all ourselves, We feel like the place is what we have always wanted in a coastal home with certain selections of materials we have used. From the cladding to Louvered windows to open living room with high ceilings. We are only a 300 meter flat walk to the beach. To have that feeling of coming home from a surf still in my wetsuit and washing the salt off in the outdoor shower is something i only ever dreamt of doing on holidays but get to do that for real now!
 What inspires you about your home?
The coffee machine at 5:30 every morning .... ha!  The natural light and warmth of the timbers bouncing around definitely creates an uplifting atmosphere and vibe. With the lock down and unable to travel the last few years, the idea to create an oasis in the backyard to relax in does give us the illusion of being in a tropical Indonesian Villa and losing sense of time, worries and stresses on a weekly occasion with the Family.
What’s your favorite thing about your neighborhood or community?
The neighbourhood is actually really cool. Everyone knows everyone enough to say hi and have a chat and help out without being nosey. We are kind of segregated with a bridge over a lake from the rest of the town so there is definitely a tight knit closeness between neighbours on the Island here.
Pool with Chairs
Detail of Pool
After a long day, what is your routine at home?

If it's Summer time, we're generally straight into the Pool. Our little Girl loves it there and to see her smile and laugh in there makes it the go as much as possible.
Winter time routines generally involve a walk to the end of the road to check the waves and burn off some crazy energy our little girl seems to have endless amounts of.
What’s a home essential you can’t live without?
Having the space we have built a big spacious Kitchen area so that i'd have to say has been a nice luxury. I have come accustomed to the underfloor heating too although it doesn't really get that cold where we live. Its hard to say though, We could live in a small 2 bed apartment in the same area and still love it.
If you had to live somewhere else where would it be?

Indonesia is looking very attractive at the moment for us. Its a pipe dream but I'd love to make it a reality for us.
 Bathroom Sink
Bathroom Photo

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Photos were shot by Aaron Leslie. 
December 19, 2022